Social security services
Social security services
The Portuguese social security service (Segurança Social) is a body set up by the State to ensure the basic rights of the citizens and equality of opportunities, and to promote the wellbeing and social cohesion for all Portuguese citizens and foreign nationals working or living in Portugal. To this end, a percentage of the pay and income of employed or independent workers and companies is paid into a community fund. This fund is used in situations such as unemployment, pensions, guaranteed minimum salary, family benefits, and healthcare and other social benefits.

The social security system establishes rules for granting benefits, stipulating the conditions a family must meet to have access to family, unemployment and child benefits, as well as other State benefits and support. A maximum earnings limit is also defined on the basis of fixed assets and total family income as a cut off point for benefit entitlement.

The social security system has an online page entitled Segurança Social Direta where individuals and companies can access social security services without having to visit their premises. At Segurança Social Direta you can view your personal data registered in the social security information system and change it (or ask for it to be changed).

Segurança Social can also be contacted by phone at 808 266 266.
If you are abroad, dial (+351) 210 495 280. This line provides information on the rights and duties of citizens and companies. The telephone system will ask you to choose the topic on which you would like information.

The Portuguese social security system has a Social Emergency Help Line (LNES) - 144 (Linha Nacional de Emergência Social, LNES - 144).
This is a public service provided by the Institute for Solidarity and Social Security (Instituto de Solidariedade e Segurança Social, ISSS, I.P.). Calls to this national number are free of charge, 24 hours a day, all year round, to protect and safeguard the safety of citizens in a social emergency. To contact this service, dial 144.

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