APAV (Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima / Portuguese Association for Victim Support) is a national non-profit social solidarity organisation.
APAV works towards promoting awareness, esteem and respect for the status of crime victim in Portugal.
Its mission is to support victims of crime, their families and friends, by providing them quality services that are free of charge and confidential and by contributing to the improvement of public, social and private policies concerned with victim status.


APAV supports everyone who was a victim of crime and violence, their families and friends. We support victims of any crime: domestic violence, ill-treatment, threats, murder, sexual crime, kidnapping, abduction, mugging, theft of or with a motor vehicle, pickpocketing, burglary, robbery, fraud, extortion, abuse of trust, document falsification, damage, cybercrime and racial discrimination, among others.

APAV provides victims of crime with the emotional, practical, legal, social and psychological support they need to deal with and overcome the consequences of being a victim of crime. This support is provided by our victim support officers.

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For APAV to achieve an overall sustainable pursuit of its mission, it carries out a wide range of activities and projects throughout the country, including:

  • training for professionals and institutions;
  • selection, training and supervision of volunteers;
  • research and development, to develop knowledge about victims of crime and apply it towards new and better responses;
  • housing for women and children who are victims of violence;
  • providing information about victims’ rights and fostering social awareness;
  • prevention of violence and crime;
  • working with the police forces in victim support and protection, training and partnerships in national and international projects;
  • using information and communication technologies for victim support;
  • fundraising.

The prevention of crime and violence is an ongoing activity for APAV in its mission to support victims, particularly children and young people. APAV holds awareness-raising programmes in schools and communities on how to prevent crime and violence, how to enhance personal and community safety, thereby reducing the opportunities for crime, and also on how to deal with crime.

The APAV core services are quality assured under Portuguese Standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008.
Quality social solidarity work.

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